Write copy for landing pages — no fluff only good stuff.

Khushi Lunkad
3 min readJan 10, 2021

Disclaimer: absolutely not optimised for SEO so no fluff, I swear.

Goal — get people to take action and say yes.

Write for — one reader pitching them one big offer and providing one big idea

Prerequisites before you start writing

  1. Know the prospect’s (not the visitor’s) stage of awareness.
  2. Know their level of intent.
  3. Find out the one promise that you can make to them
  4. Clearly understand what you offer.


  1. Research
  2. Write
  3. Test
  4. Repeat.

Tips in no particular order

  • Use voice of customer data.
  • Know the barriers they would face. Lead with drives when you write.
  • The narrower the audience, the better.
  • Your copy should match what the audience expects you to say. Give them what they need.
  • Swipe copy from surveys, reviews, on-site polls, chat transcripts, support messages
  • Segment surveys of your trial customers, paying customers, exposed non users, ex-customers. Questions should vary.
  • Swipe copy verbatim from prospects. No tl;drs needed.
  • Landing page copy should translate well for ads.
  • Spit drafting to start with. Quick check with the brief given.
  • Join the conversation already happening in the visitor’s mind.
  • It’s all about them. Even when you are talking about you, it should be about them.
  • People read. They just don’t read anything that feels like work.
  • Be clear and specific or people won’t understand.
  • Wants over benefits
  • Write to move the visitor to the next stage of the funnel
  • Think about their feelings, what the know, what they want?
  • First decide what you want to say then decide how you want to say it. Both will come from the prospects.
  • Frameworks — AIDA and PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution)
  • CTA’s can have click triggers below them.
  • The hero section can include — a headline, a sub-head, a video, a teaser copy/short description, and a cta.
  • Limit options in a non-limiting way. (Pricing page)
  • There should be things to compare. People like contrast.
  • Always check, “Does your Landing Page convey what it needs to convey?”. “Does {this part} of your landing page expresses what you want to express?
  • A 5-second test should be used to do a clarity & stickiness check. Iterate and redo.
  • Touch a sore spot with your copy. If needed, use the 7 deadly sins. Talk about problems that keep them up at night.
  • Top of your page — focuses on expectation or message matching. The rest 90% should exceed their expectations.
  • It’s not much about benefits vs features as much as it’s about What’s in For the Customer? Ensure that it’s clear. Nobody really cares about the benefits. They could work out the benefits themselves. Outcomes (measurable things) supersede Benefits.
  • Every line of copy you write should answer 2 questions. So what? and Prove it.
  • Write copy with a hint of personality. Gives people something to connect with
  • The header and the button copy should be in tandem. Add a reassuring line of copy below the button. Button copy doesn’t have to exactly express what will happen next. It’s better to centre and bold the headline. Make sure your headline is doing work. Button copy can be in 1st person.
  • Use bullets and mega-lists. Bullets using fascinators (teasers and not tl;drs)
  • Make your navigational copy work more.
  • Subheadings or cross-heads should be a teaser too. The goal is to pique curiosity.
  • Be anything but boring.
  • Copy in the video on your landing page is different. Autoplay video, muted. Videoplayer thumbnail should try to evoke emotional response. The thumbnail shouldn’t compete with the features around the copy. Or, keep your thumbnail ugly af so that the visitor clicks on it just to get rid of the image. No still images that take up real estate w/o explaining anything
  • No fluff. No warm-up copy. Get to the point.
  • System 1 thinking by default. Edit to make targets pay attention, not think harder
  • Use numbers to convince
  • Use motion words or aromatic words to evoke emotion
  • Social proof when the best person to deliver this message isn’t the company.
  • Use the 7 deadly sins and the 7 virtues to write
  • ____ is ____
  • ______ for your ______


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