How to crank out creative (UGC/Statics/Videos) assets to scale DTC brands?

Khushi Lunkad
3 min readMar 27, 2021
Zach Stuck’s tweet stuck with me

Hey! I’m Khushi Lunkad, a growth marketer at the intersection of E-commerce/DTC, and the SaaS world.

Zach Stuck’s tweet stuck with me for a good reason — I not only understand the benefits but also actually freaking know how to do it. Here’s how 👇

By the end of this WEEK, you’ll be able to create at least 12 new creative assets without breaking the bank!


  1. Strategically brainstorm 5–6 value props to test (pricing, quality, community, snob value, deals etc)
  2. Assemble your existing raw assets in one place (statics, ad copy, ugc and influencer content)
  3. Find inspiration ads you want video designers to emulate, shortening the time to execution.


Finding inspiration content is challenging if you don’t know where to look.

To get a huge pool all at once, these are some starting tips:

Tap into these websites:

  • Unicorn Ads (free ecommerce ads)
  • Meetadbox (paid), and
  • Adspace (paid)

Find great companies that run ads.

  • Using Charm → Filter by those companies that are currently scaling ads and Ctrl+F

But if you didn’t like any, you can always try Google Ads bidding report, a local search tool, or straight up google for those targeting similar audiences.

If you have a very niche audience and can only find 1–2 brands that are similar, I recommend hunting for an e-directory using the Ahrefs backlink tool.

I was able to find this goldmine in the past for one of our clients who operated in the telehealth space! 100s of companies all in one list (at no cost!)

I usually find 20–30 brands I think have good ads before looking them up in the

and sometimes even in the Tiktok library :D

Saving the ads that I like

The ads library isn’t very friendly. You can’t just save 💜 the ads you like. Ads disappear and copying the Ad Library URL only means it will be broken when the advertiser decides to take it down.

Copying the ad link only gets you so far :(

I used to aggressively recommend Spyder but it broke down and I lost all of my saved ads. Oops.

I now advise that you force-download the ads from the ads library. I use this chrome extension and hasn’t let me down since 2 years.

Writing a kick-ass brief

I use this simple video annotation tool and Notion.

All you need to do is

  • write a couple of briefs using the existing ad copy you already have
  • tell a story with all your creatives
  • sell with emotions and convince with logic.

⭐And you’re ALL SET!⭐

A few iterations and you’ll have a system ready in place (for content creation) Collection of UGC and influencer content is another ball-game that I’m happy to talk about in the future.

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