Getting the most out of your live chat

Khushi Lunkad
Oct 31, 2020


Diving straight into it →

Tools for live chat:

Free: Tawk

Paid: Olark, Intercom, Drift, Liveperson

Question to ask:

What’s stopping you from taking {this action}?

Triggering it when:

  1. Exit intent is seen.
  2. Above average session time.
  3. Non-bounce users with greater than average engagement.


  1. Record the data from your live chats
  2. Try to answer these questions.
  • what are the top pre-sales questions (gold mine!),
  • which pages are giving people problems,
  • which products and services people are asking questions about,
  • what are their main questions, doubts, hesitations,
  • and sales — which of your (live chat people’s) answers and claims persuade visitors to take further action.

Obviously, don’t overthink this and spend all your time.

3. Code the data.

Bonus: Talk to sales/support staff.

About Me:

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